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Property Management

Wildflower Properties provides comprehensive and customized property management solutions that meet your unique needs. We understand the challenges and opportunities that come with property ownership. Our team is dedicated to managing your property while ensuring a stress-free experience for you.

Home Watch

Leaving your home unoccupied shouldn't be stressful. Wildflower Properties will visit your home based on your needs and insurance policy. We will conduct a multi-point inspection looking for obvious issues. You will receive a detailed report outlining any issues that need to be addressed. 

Contact us for a consultation and custom pricing.



Vegetables in Paper Bags


Our concierge service is designed to simplify your life, whether you are away from home or simply require assistance getting through your busy day. 

Home Watch Package


Initial Set-Up

  • Customized inspection checklist 

  • Inspect exterior perimeter, additional structures 

  • Identify hot tub, pool and sauna location and maintenance schedule

  • Perform interior inspection, walk through each room

  • Ensure windows and doors are secure and functional  

  • Identify breaker box and water shut off locations 

  • Identify non- essential appliances to unplug

  • Identify HVAC system and water heater type 

  • Identify dehumidifier and sump pump location

  • Identify emergency power systems such as Generac or Generator 

  • Review and ensure alarm system is operational


Scheduled Site Inspections

  • Check for vandalism and forced entry

  • Perform an exterior inspection, including garage and other structures

  • Check gutters, drainage and sinkholes

  • Check perimeter for pests, insects and vermin

  • Ensure 3rd party work being completed as scheduled 

  • Collect mail/flyers

  • Monitor hydro meter and breaker box

  • Ensure alarm system is operational

  • Perform a walkthrough of each room

  • Ensure windows and doors remain locked and secure

  • Run water, flush toilets to remove stagnant water

  • Check for leaks

  • Check humidity and temperature levels

  • Ensure emergency power system is ready to run 


Emergency Response & Services

If there is a problem or a major issue at your residence we will provide an emergency inspection and services if required.


Working with our team of contractors and trades we will work to fix the problem in an effective manner.


Additional charges will apply based on hourly rates.

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