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Property Management
Home Watch

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Wildflower Properties provides property management, home watch and concierge services. 


Wildflower Properties is an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association. Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

We aim to make living and maintaining a home in the Ottawa Valley an enjoyable, hassle-free experience.


We are a family-owned company, that proudly serves the Ottawa Valley and surrounding areas. 

People you can trust and count on.

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Property Managment

Coordinate snow removal

Coordinate lawn cutting

Pool maintenance

Hot Tub maintenance

Watering Plants

Coordinate residential cleaning


​All services will be billed directly from the contractor to the owner.

Home Interior

Home Watch 

Most Insurance companies require a unoccupied home to be checked every 48-72 hours. This varies by insurer. Be sure to check your policy.

Insurance companies often require a record of regular visits when residents are absent and homes are unoccupied. 

We provide inspection reports of the property to the client after each inspection with a detailed custom check-list and appropriate comments on your unoccupied home's checkpoints.

If problems arise that require a contractor, their services will be billed at the contractor's fee and delivered to the owner. 

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Mail and parcel pick-up

Monitoring Contractors

Grocery pick-up

Home Watch Package


Initial Set-Up

  • Customized inspection checklist 

  • Inspect exterior perimeter, additional structures 

  • Identify hot tub, pool and sauna location and maintenance schedule

  • Perform interior inspection, walk through each room

  • Ensure windows and doors are secure and functional  

  • Identify breaker box and water shut off locations 

  • Identify non- essential appliances to unplug

  • Identify HVAC system and water heater type 

  • Identify dehumidifier and sump pump location

  • Identify emergency power systems such as Generac or Generator 

  • Review and ensure alarm system is operational


Scheduled Site Inspections

  • Check for vandalism and forced entry

  • Perform an exterior inspection, including garage and other structures

  • Check gutters, drainage and sinkholes

  • Check perimeter for pests, insects and vermin

  • Ensure 3rd party work being completed as scheduled 

  • Collect mail/flyers

  • Monitor hydro meter and breaker box

  • Ensure alarm system is operational

  • Perform a walkthrough of each room

  • Ensure windows and doors remain locked and secure

  • Run water, flush toilets to remove stagnant water

  • Check for leaks

  • Check humidity and temperature levels

  • Ensure emergency power system is ready to run 


Emergency Response & Services

If there is a problem or a major issue at your residence, we will provide an emergency inspection and services if required.


In the event where a contractor is needed, we will contact a contractor of your choice, and we will work to fix the problem in an effective manner.


Additional charges will apply based on hourly rates.



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